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6th-Feb-2016 10:02 pm - Sengoku BASARA 4 Review
I watched this last week and I finally managed to write my review - it's pretty long and has quite a bit of swearing so be aware!


You can see the review here.

Report is here at my LJ

Yanagishita Tomo was the guest at the AfterTalk on this day!


I went to the 6pm showing of Yuhiden on Saturday so here is my muddled up, fangirled, poorly written review. Enjoy!

All at my journal here.

SPOILERS BEWARE! And bad language!
6th-Sep-2015 07:10 pm - Reccomendations???
Hi guys!!! Well, I'm new to this community. I was wondering if anyone can tell me some of the D2 boys projects???
I'm new to this fandom but I'm in love with Akutsu Shintaro. He's so cute especially in Aozora no Tamago!!!.  Also, the do's and don't's regarding to this community activities. I'm such a newbie. Anyone, help??
1st-Sep-2015 02:59 pm - Hoshi no Wadachi [1/?]

Hey guys, this is one of my first TRUMP fanfictions... I hope you can enjoy reading it! :)

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30th-Sep-2014 07:55 pm - sales post
inui seiya
I am selling off some of my various goods from Japan to raise some money for some needed maintenance on my car. Included are some D2 or D2 related items so I thought I would post the link here.

link to journal
27th-May-2014 07:41 pm - [download] Mitsuya Ryo 1rst photobook
[tacchon] darekimi
Hello everyone! :D After paining my neck for two days and ruining the spine of the book, I present you the scans of Micchi's first photobook!
I have bought and have in my hands all three of the Ohmi Youichirou, Ikeoka Ryosuke and Mitsuya Ryo photobooks that were released on the 13rd of May and plan to scan all of them! Currently I have finished Micchi's photobook and have just started doing You-chan's, so please expect that one soon too! :3

Either you know it or not, these photobooks are a continuation of the old D-Boys Prince Series, so there's a few pictures with these three together at the end of the book, dressed as Princes! A little explanation about this certain book where I think there's a theme; Micchi decided to dress himself and pose with clothes from different places from all over the world. There might be misconceptions, because sometimes what the Japanese think is from some part of the world is not really it. Count it on whoever decided the concept for him/consulted with him! In any case, this book is filled with pictures of Mitsuya in clothes from /Eurasia/, North America, South America, Africa, Europe. And some others that have no theme, it's just Mitsuya being Mitsuya!

You'll find it heeeeeeeere~ Reups are welcome, but please don't take out without asking/credit! I really strained my neck and the poor book to bring you these scans </333
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