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Hoshi no Wadachi [1/?] 
1st-Sep-2015 02:59 pm

Hey guys, this is one of my first TRUMP fanfictions... I hope you can enjoy reading it! :)

Title:Hoshi no Wadachi - Furrows of Stars
Characters:Ul de Rico (Nishii), Sofi Anderson (Mitsuya), Teacher Krauss (Jinnai), Allen Strauff (Yamada), Teacher Gustav (Yamaguchi), Teacher Michelangelo (Oumi), Raphael de Rico (Shison), Angelico Fra (Akutsu), Ga Banli (Ikeoka), Pietro Rondo (Tsuchiya), Georges (Arai), Morrow (Okubo), Dali de Rico (Kamitsuru), Student Julian (Maeyama), Student Bruno (Shiramata), Student Matisse (Negishi)
Genre:Vampire School (like in Trump, but it's probably AU though because I took the characters and settings and wrote a different story with them)
Chapter Rating:K+ or something like that (because actually nothing bad happens in this chap)
Word Count:964
Summary:When Ul arrives at the Clan (the school where young vampires are educated), he learns that vampires have lost their immortality. Together with his roommate Sofi, he finds out that to regain their immortality, they have to meet the original vampire Trump who was made to live forever. But suddenly, Ul is told that he's contracted with Tuberculosis, which is deadly for humans and the not longer immortal vampires as well. This means he and Sofi have to find Trump fast, but they have also strong opponents who want to be the only ones to regain immortality. Will they make it in time to make Ul stay alive?

Chapter 1 - UL

"Bye then, Ul." Raphael hugged me tightly before smiling down at me. "Enjoy your time at the Clan."

"I'm sure I will" I didn't even try to hide the sarcasm in my voice. I didn't really want to leave my family - my dad doted on me, which was mostly pretty annoying, but sometimes it was also very useful, and I had a good attitude towards my big brother Raphael - I was definitely going to miss them.
On the other side, I didn't have many friends and my father hoped I'd find some more friends at the Clan. He had wanted to bring me to the Clan himself, but because he had so much work to do, he wasn't able to now. This was the reason why only Raphael stood here next to me to say goodbye, and I was almost going to turn around and go back with him.

My brother laughed quietly and pushed me through the gate of the school building. "Learn something useful here, Ul. Bye."

"Bye," I said, swallowing and fighting back my tears. "Tell dad I'll miss him."

"Of course." Raphael turned around and left.

After watching him walk away as long as I was able to see him, I did the same: I turned around to enter the school through the big door in front of me, walked through the hall, and knocked at a door that said "Office: Teacher Michelangelo".

"Come in," a voice called and I opened the door, doing what I was told.

"Are you Teacher Michelangelo?" I asked while bowing. "I was told to tell you when I'm arrived."

"Yes, I am Michelangelo." When I looked up, I saw a woman sitting on a chair in front of a desk. - But hadn't I heard the voice of a man? "What's your name?" the woman asked with a surprisingly manly voice.

"My name is Ul de Rico," I answered, "I'm sorry, but may I ask-"

"I am a male," the vampire smiled at me, obviously foreseeing what I was going to ask. "Let's see, Ul... You said your last name is De Rico, right?"

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I said that."

"Oh, then I'm sure you're Raphael's little brother! I really miss him, he was such a nice boy when he was here."

"You could have met him," I muttered, "he brought me here. Uhm, is there anything I should know about the Clan?"

"Of course, the Clan!" Teacher Michelangelo called out. "I completely forgot about that, thanks for reminding me. - As far as I know from your father, you'll be staying here for a year at first. Each of our rooms has got two beds, ergo they are for two persons. Your roommate will be.. ah, here... Sofi Anderson. He arrived yesterday. Maybe I should tell you before so you can prepare yourself mentally..." The teacher didn't look too happy about that. "He's a dhampir."

"A dhampir?" I had heard about dhampirs before. They were children of a human and a vampire and most of the other vampires saw them as filthy and unclean; they discriminated them.
In contrast to exactly these vampires, I didn't have a problem with that.

"Yes, he's the son of a vampire and a human. I just wanted to tell you because most of the students here - and sadly Raphael in his time here as well - see them as unclean and don't want to be near them. But I think it'd be better if-"

"I'm sorry to interrupt you," I said, "I don't have any problems with that. It's good to gather new experiences and I've always wanted to meet a dhampir. Could you please tell me now where I can find my room?"

"Right, back to the important things." After hearing my words, Michelangelo seemed to be relieved. "Your room is Room 235, it's on floor two on the right. You'll be able to find it easily since it's right at the end of the floor. Here's your class' timetable; it'd be the best if you could already participate in Teacher Gustav's fencing lesson this afternoon. You can go there with Sofi - he is in your class and participated in it already once - if you don't mind, but I can also send you someone else from your class..."

"No, it's completely fine. I'll go there with Sofi," I decided. "Thank you for the information." I bowed a second time and the teacher laughed.

"It's my duty as a teacher, right? Just come and tell me if you have any problems or questions. We'll see each other tomorrow morning in class, Ul!" he said, waving at my while I was turning around to open the door and leave.

I walked upstairs to floor two and knocked at the door that said "Room 235: Sofi Anderson, Ul de Rico".

"Who's there?" a voice asked hesitantly.

"I'm Ul de Rico," I replied, hearing footsteps inside the room. "Your roommate from today onwards."

The door opened and I stepped inside. "Are you Sofi Anderson?"

"Are you like the others?" the golden-haired boy asked with a cold, bitter voice.

"The others?" I realized that he had to have met some other vampires who had to have acted pretty condescending against him the day before. "No, I'd really like to get to know you better. I'm not going to discriminate you just because you have mixed blood!"

He looked at me silently for a few seconds before he nodded. "I'll make sure that you prove that one time, but for now I'll trust you... I'm Sofi Anderson, yes."

"You arrived yesterday, right?" I asked while dropping the bag with my things.

"How do you know?"

"Teacher Michelangelo told me. Did you find any friends yet?"

1st-Sep-2015 05:43 pm (UTC)
Could you put this under a LJ-cut?
1st-Sep-2015 09:28 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I'll do that! Thanks for reminding me!

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